PKR 500 > 10 minutes

Are you looking for an expert` guidance/help about your vision, career, money or family issue from Syed Irfan Ahmed Kamyaby? You can book an appointment through this page. In only PKR 500, you can avail 10 minutes of talk directly with Syed Irfan.
You can book a 10 minute one-to-one session to discuss this, a small Rs500 fee (just to cover the cost of logistics) is not a big investment to see and plan for your own future. I hope this session will help you in many ways. We love to help.
See you then.

  • Face-to-Face meeting with Syed Irfan Kamyaby via Zoom
  • Learn from the expert in career guidance, life and family consultancy
  • Avail the big opportunity to get adviced/mentored by a senior most coach/mentor
  • You can also arrange for monthly or weekly mentoring sessions

If you don’t know how to use Zoom to attend a meeting, please watch this video> link?


The time is yours, you can spend it anyway you like but if you follow the following structure, it will help you gain the most out of it
[4 Minutes] Introduction & QUESTIONs – Describe who you are? What questions do you have? What advice do you seek? What you like to learn? Where you are stuck? What future directions and aspirations you like to discuss. Try to discuss only 1 issue at a time. (You can take more than one session next.)
[6 Minutes] LISTEN – Have a writing pad and pencil ready to take notes, listen carefully, don’t interrupt and we hope you will have most of your questions answered.


You can pay via these ways:
Acnt title: Kamyaby Digest
Acnt# 1017-0081- 00 6971-01-0
Acnt title: Syed Irfan Ahmed
Acnt# 0212-01 03 07 8228
Acnt title: Syed Irfan Ahmed
Acnt# 0311-242-7766


Please try to book one day in advance so we can process and confirm your payment and appointment in time
If you don’t “Show Up” for your assigned time, the meeting can’t be rescheduled and your money will not be returned. We can only make the exception for Emergencies if you inform us at least 12 hours in advance
All information shared is confidential and we don’t share your data or personal details with anyone. There will be no session recordings as well
Make sure your audio/video is working before the meeting time
You will receive a confirmation email and a zoom link for the meeting after you booked the appointment and pay the fee
Please wait for min 10 hours to get the confirmation email and do not send us multiple queries on this website or social media


You have all the right to disagree with my approach and can have a difference of opinion and I respect that. But if you keep hitting the site with SQL injections, fake appointments and uploading viruses or vulgar pictures, I won’t be able to continue it. Your hate may cost someone a chance for a better life and stress-free job. Please think about it. May Allah give comfort to your heart. It is very hard to walk around and live like this. I am sending prayers.


if you face any trouble in the process, please contact via WhatsApp on +923112427766.